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All The Answers To Key Questions When You Speak Of Brain Reactions Orientation (dBRO) Review

General dBRO FAQ

What is a Brain Reaction Orientation Website Review?

Basically a Brain Reaction Orientation process is an advanced tecnique for know exactly how and how much each type of visual informations are processed and proves effective in terms of emotional involvement for different website visitors in order to implement the proper communication strategy to maximize digital results.

What types of content can be analyzed?

Any content stimuli the five human senses can be virtually analyzed . We carry out daily Consumer Neuroscience analysis especially on websites, but also individual images, video campaigns or real materials that stimulate the sense of touch.

What kind of results do you provide?

Through the use of advanced equipment and the expertise of a professional international team our reports provide all the data necessary for a proper strategic planning of the success of your digital marketing.
From the analysis of the points of attention to the scheme of involvement until the correct identification of the deep metaphors that motivate purchase any given data is functional to the correct identification of the key points to make your website a tool of effectively persuasion.

What kind of business is suitable for a dBRO Website Review?

Consumer Neuroscience is the keypoint that allows to know and predict the reaction of the human brain to a given stimulus. Every busines having humans as interlocutors is suitable for use of this technique for the optimization of their marketing messages.

We can take advantage of your services even if we are an extra US company?

We provide our services to customers around the world, always guaranteeing an excellent quality of the data provided.

How long does it take from order confirmation to receipt of our Website Review document?

Usually a dBRO Review to be complete and reliable requires from one to a maximum of two working weeks in order to be considered valid and then sent to the customer. If it is also required a content optimization  usually are considered the three working weeks to process complete the order.

After an initial analysis it is possible to know the best option in Consumer Neuroscience terms of our project ?

Certainly! Thanks to our Enterprise service formula  we are able not only to analyze your Website, but propose the best alternative in Neuromarketing key.

Technical Questions

How does your emotional analysis work technically ?

The complete emotional analysis is a characteristics that make it unique the service offered by Sloop1. The results obtained from this procedure allow to identify exactly and in detail each type of emotion aroused in their target through the contents displayed in order to clearly understand what works in terms of persuasive message and what not. The details of this analysis are obtained and then processed through the use of EEG, study of eye movements,  body temperature delta, heart rate analysis and unconscious facial muscle behavior analysis .

What is a deep marketing interview?

A Deep Marketing interview is a special technique of survey that allows to understand what are the real unconscious keys  pushing a particular subject to make a purchase beyond those that are conscious motivations expressed in traditional interviews. Read here for a case study related to this content.

What is a fMRI?

The functional magnetic resonance imaging analysis technique using  is a complex process that leads to very extensive research results in Consumer Neuroscience key . To deepen more into this topic we invite you to read this link.

What About Our Team

Who’s behind Sloop1?

Sloop 1 is a team of thirty professionals worldwide each highly specialized in their field of interest that interact continuously to ensure the results that we daily provide to our clients.
Specializations within the group of people that make up our team are mainly those related to neurology, neuro-radiology, behavioral psychology, behavioral analysis, statistics, digital and strategic marketing .

What is the first important thing in this job?

We love doing what we do! Every day.