The Sloop1 Partner Program

Differentiate your business, reach new customers, and outpace the competition

Why Become a Partner

Sloop1 is the best service for the Consumer Neuroscience Analysis  because it adds to the classic scientific methodology unique skill and patented technologies



To be the undisputed leader in your market and the only choice for companies that want to meet the deepest expectations of their customers.



Leave an indelible mark in the hearts and minds of the companies that want overtake competitors; Your customers can not no longer do without you.



Only agencies that stand out for their work can become our partners. Sloop1 recognize territorial exclusivity, only the best.


Brand Reputation

Working together to make the difference. The unique skills of sloop1, combined with your professionalism will make each project distinctive and winning.



We are not service providers nor project consultants but successful partners. You can always rely on us, as in the best families.



We are your partners, customers remain yours; you decide the commercial proposal to you , as well as the management of each project. We are at your service.

What you Need to Know about our Partner Program

Our partner program FAQ. Here are some answers to common questions about

Who can access to the Partner Program?

The Sloop1 partners program is designed for all the companies, at the international level, operating in the field of marketing and communication who want to strengthen their image in the market by introducing new services of excellence

What Sloop1 offers to its partners?

Sloop1, thanks to its professional network, is the first service in the scientific world of neuroscience applied to customer experience and offers its partners the opportunity to increase their services using the most advanced resources in the neuromarketing field of specialization.

What are the benefits of the partner program?

Our partners can benefit from the great opportunity to expand their business in an important market segment as that of neuroscience applied to marketing because they are given the right to resell and customize all our services.

There are special obligations for the partners?

No one obligation, there is no fee to enter the program, nor membership taxes. Our partners are the only ones who can request the services of Sloop1, some even provided free of charge

Can I reselling the sloop1 services to my customers?

Surely! This is one of the great advantages of the Sloop1 partners program . Our partners can leverage our services to acquire, retain and increase their customer base by using their own brand.

Can we try your service?

Can’t wait! Please contact us through the form above, or you can directly send an email to, we will be happy to show you how our services can be useful to increase your business