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different Customer Behaviors and tune in Your Best Strategy Website Social Media Reputation


user Conversions through Target-Oriented Strategies Website SEO Tips


all Actions that Visitors do on Your and the Competitors Websites

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  • What is Sloop1?

    Sloop1 is the First E-commerce Customer Behavior Analysis platform that uses an Artificial Intelligence processing engine for Managing and Reporting all the human actions performed within your whole eShopping Platform. Through you can Learn, Evaluate and Manage Consumer Behavior for building effectiveness marketing strategy managing all data concerning exactly what your visitors do in the Real Time on your Web-Pages, both at Conscious or Unconscious level. You will learn what are the individual products that Attract most of the Attention, but do not generate Actions. You will Know exactly everything that is done through your form, which fields are most drawn, which generate the largest number of dropouts, how much time takes to complete each of them and even which fields do generate most Interest before they are compiled. You will know what are the colors that Attract most of the attention of your visitors, and on all the domains that are in the same commercial-category of Yours.....and much much more.

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  • What can I trace with Sloop1?

    The Sloop1 processing engine Receives and Analyzes a large amount of data that will populate the Intuitive Interface of the application areas, providing our users a Complete and Immediate understanding of what it's happening within their own web pages.The main Features are

    • -Bubble map
      The Evolution of the heatmap technology! Everything that happens on your pages in Real Time are shown in an Intuitive interface.

    • -Mouse Track
      Check every single Mouse Movement to better understand which areas and which elements of the page draw the Attention of the Visitors

    • -First look
      Discover the First Emotional Impact that each page on your site has on its visitors. Optimizes the arrangement of the elements in order to Assess Best Results.

    • -Sharpen mode
      What are the Contents that are Highlighted by the visitors, and which of those copied? Manage to the Best the Content Marketing Strategies knowing what portion of your text receives the Most Interested Signals

    • -Form checker
      Everything that Happens to your forms, information on the interactions and of the individual fields to understand which Attract or repel such users; which ones require shorter compilation times and which one are the highlights that create major hesitation in their filling

    • -Ecommerce watchdog
      Analysis of the Images and Descriptions associated with each e-commerce article to see which of them receive More Attention and set by the ratio of Interest and Interaction a Winning Sales Strategy

    • -Page interest
      Your Web Pages reach most interest from search engine robots or Human Visitors? Knowing and Managing the balance between these two factors is of Fundamental Importance to ensure the Highest possible number of Valuable Interactions.

    • -Elements interactions
      What are the elements that receive Most Interest from Visitors and which one are the individual pages? What holds their position on the Total Conversions generated? Knowing these data ensures a Large Advantage in Marketing Strategies Managing over your competitors

    • -Global category comparison
      One of the Unique Features of is that will allow you to Compare the elements of your Web Pages that have the Ability to Immediately know what are the actions that takes place on your Web Pages with those of the Main Web Domains in your own Commercial Category

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  • How can I start using Sloop1?

    Start using Sloop1 is Quick and Easy.
    First you need to have to register on the FREE TRIAL.
    Once you have filled in the required fields just insert the Asynchronous Tracking Code that you will be shown on the Web Pages that you want to Monitor by Sloop1. Once these Simple Steps are done, monitoring Sloop1 will be Immediately Active and in Real Time, you will Begin to Have Full Control of all the data that allow you to Improve your Marketing Strategies. Start using Sloop1 is Quick and Easy.

  • How does the Asynchronous tracking code works?

    The Sloop1 Tracking Code is nothing more than a Simple line of text to be included within the tag in Web Pages of your Domain. Through Tracking Code, Sloop1 will Trace Events that take place on your pages and provide All the Data for the Control and Implementation of your Business Strategies. The Sloop1 Tracking Code uses Asynchronous Calls, this Guarantees that the Monitoring of Sloop1, will not affecting the Performance of the Web Page in terms of Loading Speed or Quality Display in general. More information about our privacy policy can be found here.

  • How much we charge?

    Sloop1 is a Unique Service offered in a Quickly and Intuitively way. We provide the Most Comprehensive and Accurate view of what Really Happens behind the scenes of Your eCommerce business. The team in charge of Sloop1 Development and Management is formed by the Best Professionals in their sectors, but first of all We use our Heart to do what We do every day. We decided however to provide a High Level service at a Reasonable Prices, this is because we Strongly Believe in Equality of Opportunity by providing the possibility for any business to run with the same shoes.

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